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Over the last six years, Youth In Mind has developed and delivered workshops on topics that are relevant to other youth impacted by the mental health systems, mental health constituents, family partners, private and public workers, administrators, and policy makers.  For a fee for service YIM delivers customized workshops for diverse audiences.  Examples of past workshops include:

      Using Our Stories to Heal for Wellness, where members engaged participants in tools for strategic sharing and best practices and approaches when working with constituents and their personal narratives.

       LGBTQQIA2-S and The Community’s Intersection with Mental Health, where members, LGBT identified and straight allies, discussed what it means to be LGBT, and have mental health struggles–or what it means to be an authentic ally, and utilize the power of ally to advocate effectively on all levels of systems engagement. Resources were given to participants, as well as real time solutions given to participant-driven struggles in the field.

       Violence Prevention and Community Mental Health Models, where members spoke from lived experience of violence survival and violence prevention. The focus was on urban street violence, and how restorative community circles, neighborhood coalitions, and partnerships with educational establishments can prevent violence, and have an overall positive impact on personal and collective health. Youth In Mind collaborated with two Bay Area organizations, Community Center for Change and Urban Leadership and POOR Magazine, working on violence prevention and issues of poverty in Oakland and San Francisco to create transparent, parallel processes in and out of the workshop for participants to take back to other California county agencies and organizations.

       Strategic Thinking–Engaging the Community In YIM’s Next Steps, where members engage in experiential exercises engaging participants in representing their agencies/counties strengths of local mental health systems and areas of opportunity with YIM; with the intention of providing potential collaborations, and/or technical assistance.

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