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8 Tips to Rock Wellness This Summer!


Mental Health is at the core of all of our resources. Youth In Mind members engage communities in conversations about mental health using World Cafe and/or Open Space Technology. Listen to the voices of leaders across the state talk about what young leaders need to thrive and build health communities.

How to Build the Leadership and Future of California’s Young Mental Health Consumers“  Download Book

Watch the first of twelve video podcasts being developed by Youth In Mind members in Oakland, Humboldt and Fresno. This is a series developed from the voices of people in our communities discussing mental health, health & wellness, stigma and discrimination. Here are 6 things that will make you a rockstar:

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Digital Storytelling
Youth In Mind has an interactive, multi-day or weekend leadership institute that builds upon rapport-building, strategic story sharing and using various tools for animation, voice over and photos. Depending on the goals of your program, YIM is able to develop anywhere between 10-20 digital stories for your region, group, agency or program for individual healing, for the development of training materials or policy areas.

Here is Kalisa’s digital story created for Voices of Healing


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