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Stomp Out Stigma

Stomp Out Stigma engages the community in activities to think about alternative narratives and recommendations when dealing with mental health struggles and empowerment. The campaign’s mission is to stomp out stigma from local, community perspectives, and give safe space for people to share their voices via photos, videos and community dialogues.

Stomp Campaign kicks off on World Mental Health Day to eliminate stigma through an interactive mobile campaign coming to a county near you!

Eliminating Stigma…Your generosity and support create a partnership with Youth In Mind on the journey of ELIMINATING STIGMA and bringing authentic youth engagement into the discussions on mental health system solutions.

All Stomp Campaign events will have music, food, community activities and opportunities to hear from young people with lived experiences of mental health, and the mental health system (upcoming dates will be posted).

World Mental Health Day, October 10, 2013 at Alameda College 4:00pm

Youth In Mind (YIM) is a constituent led, California-based nonprofit organization founded and steered by young people (ages 12-28) affected by the mental health system. Youth In Mind members participate in multiple levels of leadership and advocacy, including member leadership summits, mental health conferences, and local advocacy activities with the purpose of promoting positive change through authentic youth engagement.


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