Youth In Mind

Inspiring youth engagement and leadership development within mental health systems

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Youth In Mind fills a much needed role in mental health policy and youth development. Honoring youth leadership and providing tools to ensure authentic participation in organization programming provides a foundation for healthy youth development.  YIM members plan, implement, and participate in member leadership summits, mental health conferences, and local advocacy activities.

If you are ages 12-28, join Youth In Mind by

  • Becoming a member
  • Attending the Youth Leadership Academy, California Mental Health Advocates for Children and Youth
  • Visiting YIM’s Facebook page for updates
  • Contacting YIM to find out if there is a YIM Local near you


If you are over 18 years old, become a part of the YIM team by

  • Joining our board
  • Volunteering time at statewide conferences and/or YIM Locals
  • Contacting YIM to share your special skills and learn about how you can get involved

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