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Inspiring youth engagement and leadership development within mental health systems

Our Staff and Volunteers

Susan Manzi, Interim Executive Director

Susan Manzi is an advocate, community educator and organizer. She speaks to the injustices of vulnerable families and young people within Systems of Care, and dreams of a day where neighborhoods can share resources, restore justice, and speak peace to one another–keeping folks out of Systems, and thriving in communities. Her lived experiences as queer, a third generation foster care survivor, and a psychiatric *thriver* have empowered her to develop and deliver models and policy for systems-change in Mental Health and Child Welfare. Much of her training and advocacy career started in Humboldt County, where Ms. Manzi was an active part of Prop 63, co-founding the California Youth Connection Chapter and Humboldt County Transition Age Youth Collaboration (HCTAYC). She was recently awarded  In addition to her activism in Northern California, Ms. Manzi’s worked on National work groups to address critical issues of disproportionality, disparity and permanency within the Child Welfare System. Recently attending the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Ms. Manzi was a Fellow with the New Organizing Institute and studied under Professor Marshall Ganz, grappling with the struggle to have frontline communities uphold psychosocial wellness as a core value when doing social justice and liberation work. As an artist, Ms. Manzi strives to bring holistic healing and the creative arts into her political work. She currently lives in the Bay Area where she attends school and works as a freelance consultant. A founding member of Youth In Mind, Ms. Manzi envisions the day when the original leadership team can look back, and see the ripples of resistance within the mental health community, and the power that young people with a vision have.

Darryn Green, Board Secretary

Darryn Green is a student, teacher, mentor, counselor, advocate and friend. He believes that education is essential to empowering young people to flourish in the world. In 2011 Darryn co-coordinated the first ever Queer Yo’ Mind conference at San Francisco State University which provided an opportunity for the academic and greater LGBT community to share resources and learn from each other. He has been providing training for child welfare workers and foster parents in San Francisco county since 2009 and brings a breadth of skills in group facilitation, project coordination, mentoring, coaching, positive youth development, training, curricula development, peer counseling and conflict resolution to the organization. Darryn is a former foster youth that has greatly benefited from involvement in youth empowerment organizations like the California Youth Connection (CYC) and the YOUTH Training Project (YTP). The skills he developed through his work within these organizations led to many opportunities to success. He plans to foster similar opportunities for YIM members as a specialist in training and our Director of Special Projects. He plans to use his skills and learned experiences to support, empower and encourage the professional development of YIM’s members, volunteers and staff while remaining open to learning more!

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